Welcome to Riordan Grain Services

Riordans are pleased to announce the signing of an agreement to sell a strategic parcel of land at Lara, being its properties at 20 and 30 old Melbourne Road, Lara to Ridley Corporation Limited.  The sale will allow Ridley to establish a new feed mill to service the areas to the west of Melbourne.

Riordans will continue to operate from the site to service our customers and suppliers and foresee a large benefit to our extensive grower base locally and beyond to have access to large end users with easy access to and from highways and ports. Riordans look forward to working with all of our suppliers, growers and customers to make the operation one of the most progressive grain handling precincts in Victoria.

Riordans are pricing freight on fert, gypsum, lime to farm on the back of ex farm and harvest grain.  Please contact us for details / rates and also to discuss payment options on 03 5220 8888.  

We pride ourselvs on being a fully Australian owned business for over 20 years.  We offer secure payments so you should feel comfortable dealing with us.